Manjur Alam Raju
CEO – Travel Infinity R

We offer worldwide travel items and services including flights, accommodation, land transport,  holiday bundles, and visa handling among numerous different countries, especially in the  Maldives, for the history of Bangladesh. We oblige a wide scope of requirements including  leisure and business travel, as well as we have 15+ Years experience in this sector where we  satisfied more than 5000 travelers worldwide, especially in Europe, America and Asia. Having a  wide organization all over the planet, we get 100+ objections from the guest, and we  successfully solved that. From financial plan voyagers to ultra 7-star standardized travelers, we  take into account every need of our respected upcoming travelers. 

We believe that only a positive attitude, outstanding teamwork, superior quality control, effective  safety methods, and continuous development of our management profile as well as professional  skills can bring about the desired results and our main goal of customer satisfaction. Our strength is our clients. Our motivation is our pride in our organization and what it has  accomplished. Integrity is our foundation, quality and fairness are our goals, and a caring  environment is our core objective. 

Commitment to excellence and client satisfaction form the basis of her philosophy. Our theme is  quality, integrity, time, efficiency, and safety. 

To achieve these principles, we are committed to fulfilling our corporate responsibilities,  including enhancing our awareness of and conformity with business ethics, and aim to be a  reliable and trustworthy travel company globally. 

Finally, we do what we say and express what we can do.